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HAC. an IRS 501(c)3 approved public charity, was organized in 1998 out of the desire by our directors to see Christ restored in America. 

Most of our founding fathers were men of faith, and it was their passion for Christ that gave this country its Judeo-Christian foundation - and goodness.  Not only did they see to it that it was the underpinning of the Declaration of Independence, it was the woven thread through our federal constitution and the constitutions of all of the 13 founding colonies.  Our federal buildings in Washington are filled with the biblical heritage they left for us, and sadly there are those who would remove it - and along with it the goodness of the United States.   One has but to look around to see the decrease in moral values and see that without reversal, we may soon be a non-power and fully negative influence in the world. 

Christ gave us two great commandments - to love God with all our heart, soul and mind, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.   Too long have we allowed the message to be "it's all about me" - and so HAC was created to be a source for change - for restoration of those godly principles that others would remove and destroy.

It was conceived and received its IRS charter to be supported by individuals in agreement with our Statement of Faith for the threefold purpose:

* provide support for Christian Evangelism work in the USA

* provide seminary/college scholarships for committed Christians passionate to see biblical restoration

* provide scholarships for Christian-based coaching and counseling.

It is our board's desire that funds be available for those individuals, and we trust that God will raise up those funds when needed. 

For those with a heart to support this ministry:

If God lays it on your heart to provide scholarships for one of these activities, your tax deductible gifts should be sent to us at

Heritage Appreciation Council, Inc,
10469 East Bella Vista Drive
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258  

You will receive confirmation of your donation and we will advise you of the recipient of your scholarship and the institution or counselor provider.

For those who would like to apply for a scholarship grant:

Follow the link below to our online Scholarship Application.  This form is a fillable PDF form.   Fill out the form online (left click on link below), or download (right click).   Once you've filled it out you must print it.  Unless you have the full Adobe software (not just Adobe Reader), or another PDF editing software package you will not be able to save the filled out form.  Please print two copies, in case you need it again.  Please mail one copy to the above address - to the attention of the Scholarship Committee.

If you have questions or would like to talk to one of our directors you may reach us by clicking on the link below.

            Phone:  602 228 9526  or click here to email us.




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